Q1. Who should Register for a free Account on Homesnplots.com?
A1. Any people, who want to Sell, Buy or Rent a Property can Register to Homesnplots.com. 

Q2. Registration on homesnplots.com?
A2. Information of the person posting is Mandatory at the time of Registering (eg: Name, Password and Email). The user can give all Information at My Account Page after Registering. 

Q3. Why should I Register on Homesnplots.com?
A3. Homesnplots.com is a Property Network for all Real Estate related Requirements in Kerala and Outside State. We understand the Real Estate Industry is all about the relationship and which is why Homesnplots.com connects the Sellers, Buyers, Agents and the Markets. View Contact, Send Email to the preferred Property immediately. Only registered users on the site will be able to access Contact Details and Email id. 

Q4. Can I use Homesnplots.com without Registering?
A4. You can use Homesnplots.com as a guest user to search and find lots of Properties. 

Q5. Why should I give My Email Address and Phone Details when I am Registering on Homesnplots.com?
A5. Email Address that you given is one of the options on which you can get all information and other people can contact on your Listed Property. You can get immediate Contact with your Prospective customer through Email or Phone. 

Q6. How do I Add Photos while Posting an Advertisement?
A6. After Registering you Personal info, Select "POST A FREE AD" to Post Property Details where you will have an option to upload Photo. You can upload 4 Photos along with Posting Property Details. 

Q7. What happens if there is Objectionable Contents in any of the matter I have entered?
A7. If any chance of the fields have Objectionable Content, the Admin Rejects entries in the field and Inform you through an Email showing the Reason of Rejection. You can change the matter and enter the fresh Content. The New Entry will be Validate and approved by the Admin.


QA1. What is “POST A FREE AD” Option in Homesnplots.com?
AA1. After Registering to Homesnplots.com, you can Post the Property Details to list the Property to Sell or Rent which will be viewed by the Buyers who want to Buy, Lease or Rent the Property through Search. You can upload 4 Photos along with the Property Details. 

QA2. Why should I Enter Property Description in Homesnplots.com?
AA2. You can Add more Details in the Property Description field that gives a clear picture to the people visiting your Property Details. 

QA3. Should I Enter the Contact Details in POST A FREE AD?
AA3. The Contact Address, Phone Numbers and Email id will be the important source of Contact for those who see your Property Details. So it is Mandatory that the Contact entries should be filled.

My Accounts

QB1. How I Log on to Homesnplots.com?
AB1. You can Log on to Homesnplots.com using your E-mail ID and Password Created during Registration. If you forget your Password, you can click on the link Forget Password to Create New Password. 

QB2. How can I Change the Information I Submitted during Registration?
AB2. You can change Information Submitted during Registration by clicking Update Profile feature in your My Account Page. 

QB3. How can I change My Password Submitted on Registration?
AB3. You can do by Logging on to the site and using update Profile link on My Account Page.

QB4. What is Dashboard?
AB4. Your Dashboard will get the Details of Email and Contacted List Received, Sent and your Action on the Messages. 

QB5. What is Manage Property Details?
AB5. This gives the list of Properties you have Posted. You can Edit the Property Details and Manage attachments help you to attach Photos related to the Posted Property. 

QB6. What is Manage your Alerts?
AB6. Based on Search Criteria you can get Alert and you can Manage. 

QB7. What is Update Profile?
AB7. You can Edit/Modify your Profile Submitted during Registration.


QC1. How can I search for My Interested Property on Homesnplots.com?
AC1. You can do simple search to find your Property. The search result can be further refined using Posted data, Ownership type etc. 

QC2. How can I Retrieve the Listings that I saved during Search?
AC2. You can find the link to Manage your Alert in your My Account Page. The link gives the complete Property listing that you have searched.


E1. How can I Contact Homesnplots.com Team?
You can contact Homesnplots.com through email at contacts@homesnplots.com or call us at landline 080 41102331 or write to us at Homesnplots.com, #894,3rdfloor,7th main,1st cross, Kormangala 1st block, Bangalore 560034.